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  Manufacturing Product Specifications Attention  

Before Installation

•  Avoid damages and hidden cracks from falls and impacts to the products during transportation and handling. When storing products in outdoor conductions, they should be covered with water-proof materials from rain.

•  Sement and martar used for installation should not be too wet to avoid the following consequences:

•  A film of vapour may form between the sement and the product so the two could not bond properly.

•  It is difficult for the moister within the sement to escape into the air, so it will continue to have basic reactions with the sement, causing erosion to the product and may result in deforms and cracks.

•  Sement and martar must be mixed thoroughly and evenly, as uneven martar has a weak structure that will result in not only decreased adhesiveness, it may also crumble and damage the product when under heavily loaded.

•  When installing with white sement, the user should inspect its strength and quality, as some white sement in the market are false imitations.
Installation Suggestions
•  Layering on walls:

•  First, flaten and smoothen the wall, then wash and clean the surface.

•  Brush on two layers of sement.

•  Firmly attach the product with wires and screws on the wall.

•  Fill up the gaps betwee the wall and the product with 1:3 sement paste.

•  Clean the product surface.

•  If installing where the product receives direct sunlight, it must be protected by wet cloth for 4 hours. If installation requires more water than usual, product must be water-proof or anti-humidity treated.

•  Layering on floors

•  Mark the basic horizontal line on the floor, any bumps above the line should be cleared, and any indentation below the line should be filled.

•  Sement paste should be prepared with one part sement, four parts sand, and water to mix into a semi-hydrated state.

•  Lay 3 to 4 cm of cement paste on the floor evenly, then carefully place the product on top and level with the floor.

•  When all is leveled, remove the product and brush on a layer of specialty seal. If specialty seal can not be obtained, the user can brush on a layer of high quality black sement evenly on the back side of the product.

•  Place the product on top of the sement and tap lightly with a rubber or a wood malet so that it may bond with the cement better. The user should level the product and adjust the spaces between each board. If one or more of the boards are not leveled with the others, remove the unlevel boards to adjust its base cement and repeat steps d) and e). Normally, there should be a 2mm space between each board to allow for drying and heat inflation. When laying a large area, inflation gaps should be place in regular intervals to prevent product deform or cracking from inflation and contraction of the structure or the floor. After finish laying the product, a period of 3 to 5 days should pass before sealing the gaps so that sement under the product could dry properly. Sealing too fast could prevent water from escaping, and vapours in the cement can continue to have basic reactions. As vapours trying to escape, sodium salt and basic vapour will evapourate from micro pores of the product, and result in a white coat being formed on the product surface, seriously affecting the product's appearance. Sealing should be done using professional stone sealer or white cement, and the product should be cleaned promptly for any spilled sealers.


•  After product installation, it should not be walked on before the cement dries (at least 24 hours) to prevent unleveling or damages to the product.

•  If other renovations must be done after installing the product, please do not peal off the protective film on the product, and must place a layer of carpet or boards on top so the product would not be damaged. After all renovations are done, remove the protective film and maintain the product regularly.

•  At the entrance of artificial marble layered room, place a piece of carpet or duster to prevent sand and rock from scratching the product surface. As the product is micro-pore structured, any staining materials such as ink, coffee, tea, or oil should be cleaned promptly and thoroughly to avoid affecting the appearance of the product.

•  Avoid using acidic or basic cleaning agents to clean the product. Because the main ingredient in the product is natural marble, and marble is a variation of lime stone with a composition of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO 3 ), non-neutral materials will dull its shine. Common cleaning agents in the market use acidic or basic materials for better immediate results, prolonged use of those cleaning agents will dull the product and affect its decorative values.

•  The product should not be covered by carpet for long periods of time. If carpet covers the product for too long without changing and breathing, humidity within the product itself will be trapped, resulting in condensation on the product surface at later periods. If carpets must cover the product for a long period of time, the user should choose breathable carpets. Maintain good air circulation within the room to prevent condensation and molding.

•  DO NOT use regular floor wax to shine the product. Regular floor wax are oil based wax, it will collect dust and plug the micro-pores to produce wax-dots, result in uncleaniness on the product surface over time. We suggest customers to use specilized stone maintainance agents to maintain product appearance, avoid slips, increase durability, and prevents statics.

•  Regular maintainance will prolong the product's life and keep its brilliant appearance. Specific maintainance instructions can be obtained from local cleaning specialist, and maintainance should be performed by professionals to avoid damaging the product.

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